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Brighten Digital acquires - an expert in Salesforce

Prague, September 22nd, 2021, Brighten Digital s.r.o., a Czech company specializing in complex delivery of cloud applications for Customer Experience (CX) such as CRM, Marketing Automation, and e-commerce, acquires 100% stake in s.r.o., which is an expert in Salesforce solutions, will be renamed Brighten Evo and together with its parent company, will become the foundation of the newly formed Brighten Holding Company.


As part of the acquisition, there will also be changes in the company’s management. Pavel Šuta, Managing Partner of Brighten Digital, will become the new CEO of Brighten Evo, while Martin Schütz, founder of, will continue to work as the lead architect for solutions built on the Salesforce platform at Brighten Evo – the same role he will play within the group.

“We have been working with practically since its beginning and I have known Martin Schütz even longer. When we opened the topic of the acquisition, we understood quite quickly on both sides that the amount of synergies is huge,” says Ondřej Skřehota, Managing Partner of Brighten Digital.  “At Brighten Digital we have, in our opinion, regionally one of the strongest Solution Architecture teams for both cloud and on-prem, and Martin will further strengthen it with his deep knowledge of Salesforce. We also really like the internal workings and culture that Martin has managed to create at the now Brighten Evo,” adds Skřehota.


This year, Brighten Evo will focus on expanding its portfolio of services and staff growth in senior architecture and delivery positions provided by the parent company. The partnership with Salesforce will be formalized and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud competency will be completed.


“At Brighten Digital we have been working with Salesforce for a long time on projects mainly in the pharmaceutical sector. We would like to offer comprehensive solution delivery similar to what we do with other key cloud application vendors. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the competence of Custom Application Development and we will also involve these teams in the development of our key products and platforms within the SaaS Product Development division – OnePIM and Corectic,” plans the new CEO of Brighten Evo Pavel Šuta. 



About Brighten Digital

Brighten Digital is a Czech company active on the market since 2016. It is a partner of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Tealium. The company has a team of more than 50 experts in the field of digital transformation of sales and marketing of medium and large enterprises. 



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